“Reading Tang Literature across Disciplines”
Organizer: Nicholas Morrow Williams (Arizona State University)

Draft Program:

Friday, May 6
Morning Session

9:00am: Welcome (Nicholas Morrow Williams)
9:20–10:00am: Timothy W. K. Chan (Hong Kong Baptist University): How to Write a Hagiography in Parallel Prose: Wang Bo on Śākyamuni’s Enlightenment
10:05–10:45am: Richard Van Ness Simmons (The University of Hong Kong): The Language of Táng Poetry as Entryway into the Spoken Language of the Táng
10:50–11:30am: Lucas Bender (Yale): Jiaoran’s Metaphors for Artistry
12:00pm: Lunch

Afternoon Session

2:00–2:40pm: Richard John Lynn (University of Toronto): Du Xunhe 杜荀鶴 (846-904) and the High Tang
2:45–3:25pm: Chen Zhinan (University of Washington, Seattle): A Glance into the Tang Literary Tradition——Notes on Dunhuang Manuscript P. 2526
3:30–4:10pm: Thomas Mazanec (UC Santa Barbara): Religious and Literary Infrastructure in the Tang-Song Transition: The Case of Bai Juyi
4:15–5:05pm: Lucas Klein (Arizona State University): Tang Metaphysics and Translation Theory

Saturday, May 7
Morning Session

9:00–9:40am: Rebecca Doran (University of Miami): Reconstructing and Recontextualizing Zhuangtai ji 妝臺記 (Record of the Dressing Table)
9:50–10:30am: Wu Wei (Arizona State University): Set in Stone: How the Tang Literati Constructed the History of Daoism
10:40–11:20am: Tom Noel (Villanova): Fake News in the Classical Canon
11:30am–12:10pm: Marie Bizais-Lillig (University of Strasbourg (France)): Tracing Back Snippets of Knowledge Embedded in Tang Poems
12:30pm: Lunch

Afternoon Session

2:00–2:40pm: Linda Rui Feng (University of Toronto): Making Sense of Scents in Tang Literature: Prose Anecdotes and Beyond
2:45–3:25pm: Hin Ming Frankie Chik (Arizona State University): The Ritualistic Abdication: A Research Note on the Formalistic Edicts of Abdication in the Sui-Tang Transition
3:30–4:10pm: Josiah Stork (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Reading the Dragons of the Tàipíng Guǎngjì: A Queer Eco-critical Approach
4:15–5:05pm: Nicholas Williams (Arizona State University): Liu Zongyuan’s Dialogue with Tradition: On the “Tian dui

Organizer: Dr. Mario Poceski, University of Florida

Friday Morning Session 

9:00                 Opening Remarks (Mario Poceski) 
9:20-10:00       Poul Andersen (Univ. of Hawaii): Ti and yong, Dao and fa: A Daoist theory of ritual 
10:10-10:50     David Mozina (independent): Ritual practices in Daoist Fengdu traditions during the Southern Song dynasty 
11:00-11:40     Matthew Wells (Eide Center): Refined contemplation 精思 in the Shangqing tradition 
12:00               Lunch

Friday Afternoon Session

2:00-2:40         Dixuan Chen (Grinnell College):  Healing rituals in early Chinese Buddhism 
2:50-3:30         April Hughes (Boston Univ.): Recitations of Buddhist scriptures according to Dunhuang manuscripts 
3:30-4:00         coffee break 
4:00-4:40         Jiang Wu (Univ. of Arizona): Reading and writing as contemplative practices in Chan Buddhism 
4:50-5:30         Final Discussion

Saturday Morning Session 

9:20-10:00       Joshua Capitanio (Stanford Univ.): Liturgy as Contemplative Practice in Song Daoism 
10:10-10:50     Gil Raz (Dartmouth College): The emergence of Daoist iconographic practice: contemplation or ritual? 
11:00-11:40     Richard G. Wang (Univ. of Florida): Ming Daoist master Liu Yuanran’s discourse on neidan in the context of ritual 
12:00               Lunch

Saturday Afternoon Session 

2:00-2:40         Joy Lidu Yi (Florida International Univ.): Liturgical practices in a Dhāranī Sūtra and the protection of royals in medieval China
2:50-3:30         Jimmy Yu (Florida State Univ.): Chan meditative practices of the Southern Song period
3:30-4:00         coffee break
4:00-4:40         Morten Schlütter (Univ. of Iowa): Evolution of meditation in the Platform sutras
4:50-5:30         Final Discussion

Organized by Dr. Paul Kroll, University of Colorado Boulder
Meeting schedule unavailable at this time

Organized by Dr. William Nienhauser, University of Wisconsin Madison and Series Editor

Meeting schedule unavailable

Organized by Dr. William Nienhauser, University of Wisconsin Madison and Series Editor

Meeting schedule unavailable

Friday, November 11, 2016 (Eide Library):

Opening Remarks:
Anna M. Shields, President, T’ang Studies Society
Nicholas Williams, Editor, Tang Studies

Panel One: New Perspectives on Tang Dynasty Political History
Panel Chair: Anthony DeBlasi, University at Albany

Panel Two: Tales, “Notes,” and Anecdotes: Prose in the Tang
Panel Chair: Sarah Allen, Wellesley College

Panel Three: Tang in the World
Panel Chair: Michael Drompp, Rhodes College

Panel Four: Ritual Environments of the Tang Dynasty: Text through Context
Panel Co-Chairs: Amy McNair, University of Kansas; Tracy Miller, Vanderbilt University

Saturday, November 12, 2016 (Eide Library)

Panel Five: Doing Things with Things: Religious Objects of the Period of Division, Sui, and Tang
Panel Chair: Wendi Adamek, University of Calgary

Panel Seven: Social History of the Tang
Panel Chair: Nicolas Tackett, University of California Berkeley

Lunch Presentation:
“The Chinese Biographical Database (CBDB) Project and Tang Studies”
Xin Wen, Harvard University

Panel Six: New Approaches to Tang Poetry
Panel Chair: Christopher Nugent, Williams College

Panel Eight: Influences of Religion on Tang State and Regional Identity
Panel Chair: James Robson, Harvard University

Round-Table: Reflections on Past Paths and Future Directions in the Study of the Tang and the Role of the Tang Studies Journal