Below please find information about past events at the Elling Eide Center, including links to videos of recent lectures, also available on our YouTube channel.

The Meaning(s) of Birds on Spirit Jars (Hunping)
November 10, 2022
Dr. Keith Knapp, Professor
The Citadel

The Meaning of Wen 文 in the “Analects of Confucius
October 27, 2022
Dr. Hans van Ess, Chair in Sinology
LMU Munich

Dreaming in PreModern China
October 20, 2022

Dr. Robert Campany, Professor of Asian Studies
Vanderbilt University

Late Chinese Women Writers & Image of the Female Immortal
September 26, 2022

Dr. Yanning Wang, Associate Professor
Florida State University

Dress as a Political and Gendered Symbol in Tang China
June 2, 2022
Dr. Rebecca Doran, Associate Professor
University of Miami

The Reception of Zhuangzi In The West
May 5, 2022
Dr. Richard John Lynn, Professor Emeritus
University of Toronto

Building Communities Through Fishing in Tampa Bay
(Florida Scholars Speaker Series)
April 7, 2022

Jessie Fly, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Noëlle Boucquey, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Eckerd College

A Monk and a Nun Walk Into a Monastery: Contemporary Religious Education in Bhutan
(Florida Scholars Speaker Series)
March 8, 2022
Dr. Manuel Lopez, Associate Professor of Religion
New College of Florida

Religions: Divine Blueprints of Reality, Dated Superstitions, or Paths to Self-Transcendence
March 3, 2022
Dr. Mario Poceski, Professor of Buddhist Studies and Chinese Religions
University of Florida

Overlooked, but so important: Roles of Invertebrates in Shaping Marine Systems
(Florida Scholars Speaker Series)
February 22, 2022
Dr. Sandra Gilchrist, Professor of Biology and Marine Science
New College of Florida

Opposing Unity: A New History of South China in the First Millennium
(Florida Scholars Speaker Series)
December 6, 2021
Dr. Andrew Chittick
E. Leslie Peter Professor of East Asian Humanities and History
Eckerd College

Jesus Maria: A New Translation of the Oldest Native American Letter from Florida
(Florida Scholars Speaker Series)
November 18, 2021
Dr. George Aaron Broadwell
Elling Eide Professor of Anthropology
University of Florida

Love in the Time of Comets: The Playwright Who Rebuked an Emperor
January 16, 2020
Dr. Victoria B. Cass
Professor Emerita, University of Colorado

The Grand Scribe’s Record: A History of the First History of China
December 3, 2019
Dr. Masha Kobzeva
Visiting Scholar

An Introduction to Chinese Shadow Puppet Theater
October 15, 2019
Dr. Fan Pen Li Chen, Associate Professor of Chinese Studies
State University of New York at Albany

Manuscripts and Ephemera from Inside Asian Religious Statues: Some Things I Wish I Could Have Discussed with Professor Elling Eide
September 5, 2019
Dr. James Robson, Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Harvard University