In 1983, Elling Eide published a collection of his translations of Li Bai’s 李白 (701-762) works entitled Poems by Li Po: Translations by Elling Eide. The collection consists of 51 separate pieces, from well-known occasional poems such as “Drinking Alone in the Moonlight” 月下獨酌, to yue fu 樂府 poetry like “The Road to Shu is Hard” 蜀道難, to prose prefaces or xu 序. The volume also includes translator’s notes, a finding list, notes on illustrations, and reproductions of calligraphy attributed to Li Bai himself.

The book was published by Anvil Press in Lexington, Kentucky in 1983. It was printed in Hammer Uncial type on hand-made Iyo paper. Only 150 copies were made. The Eide Center Library is pleased to offer a PDF of this volume for public use.

Eide.Poems by Li Po (Click to download)

Eide, Elling O. Poems of Li Po: Translated by Elling Eide. Lexington: Anvil Press, 1983.